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hesoyam nine99
hesoyam nine99 5 hours ago
that's GG 🙋
14isking 5 hours ago
Goatmentator went crazy🔥
RJ Gaming
RJ Gaming 5 hours ago
Nuggets beat full roster Portland in 6 😂😂😂 suns sweep nuggets, now tell me how bad is suns lol
Zman 5 hours ago
Bk needs the beard
Serge Chaves
Serge Chaves 5 hours ago
Suns gonna have many days rest getting recharged for next round while other teams go to the series limit risking more injuries.
Curiousity Man
Curiousity Man 5 hours ago
CP3 should be mvp
Jackson Plays Games
Cp3 really got traded twice in 3 years lmaooooo
SEMA james LLLKkaniaru
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Michael Mazzarella
Michael Mazzarella 5 hours ago
After Kyrie disrespected the Celtics wiping his feet on the logo-I’m praying the Bucks completely knock this clown show out of the playoffs
Pelvis Wrestley
Pelvis Wrestley 5 hours ago
Stockton, CP3, J Kidd, Steve Nash. Glad I watched these point GODS all during their prime. Sure this is the golden age of point guards. But Chris Paul is the last of his kind.
Blank Draft
Blank Draft 5 hours ago
Ppl said Gordon was a huge addition to the nuggets. The team scored better when the FAKE MVP was ejected.
jesus sierrabikereviews
Mid-range game, Story of MJ
Iain Grant
Iain Grant 5 hours ago
QB1 of the Denver Nuggets
Brian Fleurantin
Brian Fleurantin 5 hours ago
I don't understand why Jokic was so upset. He was only down by 8 in the 3rd quarter. Plenty of time. Gotta keep your cool in adversity.
x x
x x 5 hours ago
Jokic's mvp season is over
Cache Knock
Cache Knock 5 hours ago
Stop getting lost into the illusion of being incapable of your abilities based on age or height. Everyone is on a different timeline, and have different talents & gifts beyond the physical. Cp3, along with others prove that time & time again. It’s the mind.
Syrone Jacque
Syrone Jacque 5 hours ago
I dont like kd being too arrogant like he didn't need the warriors to win a championship that's why i want them to get eliminated
Austin Pearcy
Austin Pearcy 5 hours ago
so free
robnik nikrob
robnik nikrob 5 hours ago
NETS in big trouble.. they got betten last time with IRVING playing.. now its advantage to the bucks..
Saeed Baig
Saeed Baig 5 hours ago
1:25 - Hakeem's a human cassette tape; he just rewinds himself back in time to do a different move.
L. Euler
L. Euler 5 hours ago
Blake dunked on Giannis once Giannis: *and I took personal*
CarlMADEUCUM 5 hours ago
At that moment Javale Mcgee said fuck this shit
Andiez Nutz
Andiez Nutz 5 hours ago
brain se
brain se 5 hours ago
Refs babysat the Suns all series, Malone's still a garbage ass eating pos coach.
Merry Planas
Merry Planas 5 hours ago
UelcamTV Unlimited
UelcamTV Unlimited 5 hours ago
Sorry for KD. This series is for the most healthy team.
Kate Collins
Kate Collins 5 hours ago
Shine as you can Suns we were all cheering you up hope you will get the championship this time 🥰😊
Milan Đukić
Milan Đukić 5 hours ago
Wow.... just wow..... I could watch him all day long :) Go Jokic
Jason R
Jason R 5 hours ago
Gay ass D wade
Annerik c
Annerik c 5 hours ago
Well all I know is that he broke numerous of records this season and I can't even list them all. 👋👋🥰. He is inspirational and legendary.
Rex Vuong
Rex Vuong 5 hours ago
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Thanks Me Later
Thanks Me Later 5 hours ago
Suns is the last team to finish the 1st round but the 1st team to finish the 2nd round 🤣🤣
Erick Monzon
Erick Monzon 5 hours ago
Damn Them Nets “Fans” Contemplating Life Hard Right Now 🤣🤣 But I Will Admit, Losing Kyrie Hurts Way More Than Losing Harden, At least In MY Opinion..
baby goats
baby goats 5 hours ago
This how a Durant led team would look.🤔 Lol the best sidekick ever
Wes Coast
Wes Coast 5 hours ago
No MVP should get swept....wtf.....
reca orias
reca orias 5 hours ago
Broklyn nets champion
eung yang
eung yang 5 hours ago
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神秘人物 5 hours ago
Koya Wampipti
Koya Wampipti 5 hours ago
01:44 Im a Suns fan but Boiiiiii!!!!! Ref aint seeing sht
Wes Coast
Wes Coast 5 hours ago
No league mvp should get swept just saying
Jovit Valiente
Jovit Valiente 5 hours ago
Brooklyn and Utah is waving!
Tesean Tennison
Tesean Tennison 5 hours ago
Clipped em
TheMafia LP
TheMafia LP 5 hours ago
Worst highlights I’ve ever seen. I can’t even finish the 2min video. Objectively seen, jokic shouldn’t have won mvp. By no means
Jann Vincent Regalado
Dear Utah Jazz, Please don’t screw this up. - Phoenix Suns
Vito C
Vito C 5 hours ago
I thought I was on A automatic rewind or something seeing Chris Paul hitting same shot in same spot 3 times in a row
Akash Gomes
Akash Gomes 6 hours ago
The only reason the joker won the MVP was because embid got hurt... But even cp3 and curry were way better then the joker I'm sorry but the joker and the nuggets r a long way away from being a threat
Joanna Castillo
Joanna Castillo 6 hours ago
MattCopaway 6 hours ago
THAT KEY & PEELE REFERENCE THO!!! Ay-Ay-Ron and O SHAG Hennessy!!! Goat commentator!
Simon Wong
Simon Wong 6 hours ago
Yokic defense terrible😅
ralphiiid10 6 hours ago
daaamn too smooth 2:17
Ben St gilles
Ben St gilles 6 hours ago
Denver head coach terrible 🤦😕😪
Amare Nagac
Amare Nagac 6 hours ago
It's really weird from Giannis to make a 3
Xavier Tinnon
Xavier Tinnon 6 hours ago
Mane as much as Porter be tryna make himself out to be that dude, he isn't. Injuries are plaguing the league right now, and the hot Nuggets fizzled out, without Murray
Predrag Vukovic
Predrag Vukovic 6 hours ago
You could easily add two Giannis's plays to this list: 2+1 play when KD fouled him, and Middleton's alley oop from the center of the court.
Alex M
Alex M 6 hours ago
2:20 WTF Paul deserves a ring.
AsHotAsHarvey 6 hours ago
6:55 when your relative start catching up during the game🤣
StiFl3r777 6 hours ago
Giannis is out of bound but it's ok :D
Don Gamiao
Don Gamiao 6 hours ago
The problem here is KD healthy enough and not reinjure his achilles remember he just came back from a devestating injury last 2019 ruptured achilles tendon side line for a year and now he has to play longer and harder with out harden and irving
Dria Protege
Dria Protege 6 hours ago
Devin Booker & C-P-3 🏆
shin 6 hours ago
that was a dirty play to kyrie. boxing out when someone is in the air like that. especially when you are a foot taller than him.
Power !!!
Power !!! 6 hours ago
Cp3 deserves this more than anything, IT'S GETTING HOT 🔥 IN HERE!
Kevin Ahat
Kevin Ahat 6 hours ago
Been eliminated last year despite their flawless bubble performance. Now, the Suns are championship bound 🔥 🔥 🔥
manish rawat
manish rawat 6 hours ago
Denice and bla-ke really like this
Jason Benton
Jason Benton 6 hours ago
Hopefully another SuperTeam get's knocked out of the playoffs. Go Bucks.
Toshi Gaming
Toshi Gaming 6 hours ago
Mikal's 1qtr chasedown block... is better than Aton's
Rooster From Houston
KD fixed his skirt on his way to the locker room 🐍
Thanos Argyropoulos
“He’s cursed as much as I am” this gave me chills
Art 6 hours ago
He's 6'8 LMFAO. Nate robinson, Hello?!
AsHotAsHarvey 6 hours ago
This is the most exciting game I’ve ever seen in NBA history
Maricel Clavecillas
Kng walang ma injured sa suns siguradong lalaban sa nba finals to,sayang yung injury ni mitchel ila tlaga mglaban sa west final
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming 6 hours ago
Ledlow your Loko