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Published on


Jun 8, 2021




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JMA 101
JMA 101 Day ago
Not a top five play...
Ankur Sheoran
Ankur Sheoran 3 days ago
Alvin Laulita
Alvin Laulita 4 days ago
george should've isoed for a 3 on that play
Billy Butch Andrade
He's just so tall. I mean if I have the same height I can block someone shot all day long.
Jake Broad
Jake Broad 4 days ago
Just noticed if kawhi had given him a better pass he might of gotten up a shot
Gary Li
Gary Li 4 days ago
at 0.20, doesnt it seem like kawhi has the angle and space to get a shot off? better than the space morris had at 0.22?
Ferneil Jay
Ferneil Jay 4 days ago
Pandemic P is on another level
Jainul Peterson
Jainul Peterson 4 days ago
That's the Pogo Stick DAMN
Donald Priola
Donald Priola 4 days ago
Okay, people bitch about the money Gobert gets. How about now? Defense is still half the game, people.
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 4 days ago
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados...
Jimmy Dubose
Jimmy Dubose 4 days ago
The way pg was in the bck waving his arms and the disappointment at the end!!!!!😂💀
Charlie Hanna
Charlie Hanna 4 days ago
Morris should’ve drawn a foul
verklempt 4 days ago
Kawhi acting like Lebron
JANTI Carayo
JANTI Carayo 4 days ago
Next time. Leave at least 20 TimeOuts in final quarter.
Boating with EUPHORIA
Not a smart move Morris. Just go straight up or lean into the defender and get a foul call. Could have saved the day
Hunter X
Hunter X 4 days ago
Kawhi must shoot it no matter what...
Deric Jay Tulalian
I still dont understand why Kawhi passed the ball to Morris instead of passing it to George. Obviously, Morris can shoot too but Gobert was on him.
Ismaeel Badoolah
Ismaeel Badoolah 4 days ago
Imagine if the second shot went in....
Owen Lillywhite
Owen Lillywhite 4 days ago
A) was only a two-pointer, B) was after the buzzer
Mathieu Pilot
Mathieu Pilot 4 days ago
Huge block. But I don't know why he was so far from Morris in the first place. He even started to help on Kawhi when he started to drive. Defending the 2pt when the only threat is a 3 pointer is a big mistake. For his defense, helping on Kawhi's drive is what he should do 99.99% of the time.
trunkdk 4 days ago
Morris was like, NO Kawhi! I have a giant in front of me!
trunkdk 4 days ago
I can watch this over and over and over and over and over and over......
NQJR 4 days ago
the ball slap at the end is the best lmao
Jay Bandz
Jay Bandz 4 days ago
Should’ve gave it to PG
m 4 days ago
that d wade reaction was priceless 🥺
andrew renthlei
andrew renthlei 4 days ago
His recovery after that fake was as good as the block itself. Thats what made him different. DPOY🦾
Kobe Bryant 24 Legends never die
he was gonna miss anyway its marcus morris
ymfge akftcv
ymfge akftcv 4 days ago
The hapless pastry additionly muddle because gold rationally reflect abaft a wiry cod. truculent, elderly bestseller
A L 4 days ago
Choke Brothers!
Omi17 4 days ago
Double M On Tha Beat
*uslift.info/one/gIuwvax8uXqD2nE/video.html* ⬆️⚠️⚠️⚠️⬆️🖤🖤⬆️⚠️⚠️⚠️⬆️
Yo-yo DD
Yo-yo DD 4 days ago
I love D Wade on the sideline showing his enthusiasm! Great to have him on our aide
Yo-yo DD
Yo-yo DD 4 days ago
Whoops Side I mean
Brickola Chokekick
that felt like game of the year ngl
Nick j
Nick j 5 days ago
It’s crazy how D wade bought ownership of one of the most racist cities in America. SMH but I’m still happy for him .
vicky savannah
vicky savannah 5 days ago
kawhi is open
gor9027 5 days ago
“That’s a bad shot.” - Paul 4/17 George
Jagt Teodoro
Jagt Teodoro 5 days ago
Go jazz!!!
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 5 days ago
The Klaw sold it lol
Jokey Boy
Jokey Boy 5 days ago
If kawhi passed it to paul george
OMG I didn't watch NBA since Lakers been Eliminated BUT THE FANS!!! HOLY SHEESH
ice guevarra
ice guevarra 5 days ago
He should draw the foul after pump fake…
Ron 5 days ago
The Clippers are capable of winning the series.
Phineas N Ferb
Phineas N Ferb 5 days ago
Jazz beware of Morris. He don't break ankles but he surely break necks. Luka having PTSD somewhere
Willem Dafuck?
Willem Dafuck? 4 days ago
He's a dirty prick
Al Tinaco
Al Tinaco 4 days ago
Panot mo nasabe?
Bhirn Lucernas
Bhirn Lucernas 5 days ago
Trade Morris
Tobi Conejos
Tobi Conejos 5 days ago
PG 13 with some respect for the his Uncle Joe
mooch 5 days ago
Joe ingles locked kawhi😳
Otterley 5 days ago
GodBless Us
GodBless Us 5 days ago
LA Cliffers needs Dametime
무연탄 5 days ago
It's always the Morris brothers.... Just like when Lakers' Morris threw the ball out of bounds
Johnny Nighthawk
Johnny Nighthawk 5 days ago
Even if there wasn't a block, when was the last time you heard OH WHAT A CLUTCH FROM THE MORRIS BROTHERS ? 😂.
M 5 days ago
Literally last series.. Do all NBA fans have to be toxic like? Morris brothers built themselves a nice career, deep playoff runs and championships
Ludovico DelaCruz
Nice gobert and jordan clarkson..
Augusto Sebastian Garcia
See you soon on Lakers jersey Gobert. 😅
GavinReid7 5 days ago
Lol, he slaps the ball into the crowd
orca_raven 5 days ago
Kawhi got been Jingled!!!
Ken Matthew
Ken Matthew 5 days ago
why would you pump fake to a 7 footer cmon morris dont feel like kobe
Neeraj Sabu
Neeraj Sabu 5 days ago
When Ray Allen Pump Fake goes wrong 🔥🔥
Yeng Vang
Yeng Vang 5 days ago
This is why Gobert was defensive player of the year years ago. Plays like this.
Penemuel Watcher
Penemuel Watcher 5 days ago
Kawhi should have taken the shot.
Jihoon Lee
Jihoon Lee 5 days ago
If we had had Gobert instead of Porzingis, could it have led to a different story for MAVS?
Sebastian m
Sebastian m 5 days ago
Sebastian m
Sebastian m 5 days ago
Jazz 4-0. ALL THE WAY.
South Bronx, NY
South Bronx, NY 5 days ago
Kawhi messed up!!!!.....that was his shot!!!
神秘人物 5 days ago
uslift.info/one/lY-onbierqyhuYI/video.html Shot
Phil.K 5 days ago
That's that defensive player of the year energy right there.
Omar Lucman
Omar Lucman 5 days ago
Why would anyone pass out a better shot and give it to someone whos being guarded by a freak defender 😴
Gabriel Banna
Gabriel Banna 5 days ago
Morris was wide open initially, he just caught the ball out of rhythm and Gobert could close the gap.
PRO BALANCE 5 days ago
Jazz won because of clarkson no doubt
Gamingwithlanz 5 days ago
Robert was once became Manu Ginobli
Lemonz 5 days ago
Not Morris fault, that Gobert is so good defender
Paul van Sommeren
Damn these Mormons are loud
Scripteris 5 days ago
That is not game saving we all know Morris is bricking that
JT JT 5 days ago
DPOY on lock yes sir 💪🏼
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Just give him another DPOY
Amar M
Amar M Hour ago
@nxthan.209_ LMAOO
nxthan.209_ 3 days ago
@Amar M lmfaoo he deleted his comments💀💀💀
Amar M
Amar M 4 days ago
@Karl Beast stop crying fam. its not funny when u troll anymore.
Choupo-Moting 5 days ago
@Karl Beast quit crying
Vinayak Pande
Vinayak Pande 5 days ago
Kawhi should have still tried to hoist up a three. I don't get why he had so much trust in the guy who had been hitting bricks all game.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
No matter how hard your life is, never be a fan of the J"ass"🤡
Claim Attacol
Claim Attacol 5 days ago
Just enjoy your win you will still go home
Don Juan De Marco
Yeah, with the Larry O'B in the bag...and you can cry all you want...
That's a lot of people packed down there lol It feels almost unreal/abnormal after the past 15 months...
Big Gucci TV
Big Gucci TV 5 days ago
I thought I was the only one that felt this way.
Mot Doai
Mot Doai 5 days ago
Sebastian m
Sebastian m 5 days ago
Forget Fauci.
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 5 days ago
who hurt you
Prince Trabado
Prince Trabado 5 days ago
This bout to be a good series especially the fans have returned
Gamingwithlanz 4 days ago
@JuicyManCaboose this guy is a coward, deleting his comment 😂😂😂😂 I never deleted my comment in NBA
Gamingwithlanz 4 days ago
@JuicyManCaboose I just making him cry 😭😭😭😭😭, at least I dont copying this comment for just a like
JuicyManCaboose 4 days ago
@Gamingwithlanz the dude is dumb as shit but tf is your logic bro
AUGUSTSTiN 4 days ago
@Gamingwithlanz What is wrong with you?
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 5 days ago
Kyler M
Kyler M 5 days ago
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Look a fan of Rudy GoVirus 😹😹😹😹
Natos_ K5
Natos_ K5 5 days ago
Morris could've passed it back as soon as kahwi got open he still had 2 seconds to shoot it
Much with a Mouth Dogepool
That's how panicking works.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Morris and GoBum are equally the same players. The only difference is that GoBum is a cancer 💩
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez 5 days ago
i wonder where the ball went after gobert punched it to the crowd
Augusto Sebastian Garcia
It goes to Jazz bench.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
No one cares. His not gonna be in the hall of fame anyway. Trash jazz will never win a championship
KrishNA 5 days ago
I dont caare about the block but what I care about is why Marcus Morris or Markief, idek who this guy is, why was he shooting the last shot over Kawhi or maybe even paul
Mike Han
Mike Han 5 days ago
Why didn't they attack the rim first? And then they could pass the ball.
Mike Han
Mike Han 5 days ago
@Avery Avery they can also get a quick 2 and send jazz to the free throw line
Avery Avery
Avery Avery 5 days ago
Why would the Jazz bite at that when they know they need a 3?
Mike Han
Mike Han 5 days ago
@Karl Beast Never say that, the game is not finished yet🤫
Bihan J
Bihan J 5 days ago
the jazz would be very silly to leave the 3 open when they’re up 3 so i don’t think they’d fall for it
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Clippers have no brain 🧠
Krishfizix 5 days ago
He didnt have a single block in the 1st half.. but blocked when it mattered the most. 👏👏
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
We don't care. Utah Trash will never win a ring in the NBA + Rudy GoBum has no real skill
360 WaveVinny
360 WaveVinny 5 days ago
1:38 I hear that is the loudest clapping she ever hears even without hands 😶
Teacher Nickoy
Teacher Nickoy 5 days ago
Yeah that is the dagger of the game.
Teacher Nickoy
Teacher Nickoy 5 days ago
@Karl Beast if your a clippers fan, and clippers will loose this series, you will be in big trouble. hahaha
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Dagger????? 🤡 MORE like Utah will not win a ring in the NBA 😹🤮
TJ Edwards
TJ Edwards 5 days ago
I would be screaming 😱 😭 👏 wow 👏
Tidus 227
Tidus 227 4 days ago
@Karl Beast Celtics! big year this year, last year too and the year before too ... 🤣
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
UTRASH RACIST FACTS: ☑️ Poverty team ☑️ No rings 💩 ☑️ No star player wants to join that team 😹😹😹 ☑️ Mitchoke and the team blew a 3-1 lead 🤮🤡😭 ☑️ Racist 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
TJ Edwards
TJ Edwards 5 days ago
@Karl Beast imagine speaking proper English
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Imagine being a fan of Utrash racist 😹🤮
R Martinez
R Martinez 5 days ago
Boman751 5 days ago
The recovery from the first jump is insane! How can a guy that big recover that fast?!
BigNigIncoming 4 days ago
wasn't a full jump from gobert at all
Augusto Sebastian Garcia
Actually it's slow but his wingspan reaching it that's 7'3ft for ya.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Rudy Gobum hyped again by Utah Trash fans. Y'all act like you won a championship 😹😹😹
C.O.S. Crew
C.O.S. Crew 5 days ago
Let's not forget Khawi in the last series. He goes beast mode when back against wall.
Avery Avery
Avery Avery 5 days ago
@Trafalgar D. Water Law lol let’s not forget who Kawhi Leonard is now.
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Against Luka. Utah plays as a team.
Ryan Brett
Ryan Brett 5 days ago
Morale 5 days ago
C.O.S. Crew
C.O.S. Crew 5 days ago
Bad last pass by Leonard. Should've passed back to PG. Morris had the best shot blocker on him and PG was more open.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Pandemic P is so trash that he made George Niang look like an all star
Sourav Balaramapuram
John Hutchins
John Hutchins 5 days ago
Before the clip started, Gobert waved O'Neill to Rondo, he knew that after the pick and roll he would guard PG or Leonard and have Ingles as an equal size defender. All Gobert had to do was guard the three point line. Its small things examples of that prove why he's one of the best defenders out there and deserving of DPOY this season.
Comment Reader
Comment Reader 2 days ago
@Kermit Ze Frog he is just watching highlights for sure. Most of them are Lebumers who just feed from rationing of the medias.
AUGUSTSTiN 4 days ago
@Benjamin Tete L mans
ttuttu namizake
ttuttu namizake 4 days ago
@Dobrovan Bence every defender have been dunked on and crossed. it doesn't matter being crosed and dunked on in a game once or twice. 1 or 2 spectacular plays don't matter when your team losses. no one can guard anything , maybe if you'll tie up your opponent hands. name a dpoy player that have not been dunked on or crossed . i'll wait! seems like your understanding on DPOY is being imposible or Godly like every shot attempt he can stop . like nobody can score on him.
M 5 days ago
@Kermit Ze Frog I would rather have a defender who's contesting every shot and occasionally getting dunked on than someone who never contests the shot and just watches lol
Kermit Ze Frog
Kermit Ze Frog 5 days ago
@Dobrovan Bence I'm not sure if you are shit posting, but if you aren't then I hope you realize that being dunked on and getting crossed a couple times in a season only result in a few given up points. Do you have any idea how hard it is to score in the paint when rudy gobert is near. If you stopped watching highlights and reading box scores, you would realize that Rudy Gobert can singlehandedly turns a below average defense to a top 3 defense. Statistically, the Jazz's best defensive lineup is Rudy Gobert, Mike Conley, Joe Ingles, Jordan Clarkson, and George's Niang. Mike Conley may be a slightly above average defender, but the rest of those guys (besides Gobert) are average at best. That lineup is top 3 in the NBA just because they have Rudy Gobert.
Ceejay Afinidad
Ceejay Afinidad 5 days ago
That slap at the end tho
Mark Bay
Mark Bay 4 days ago
Favorite part.
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 5 days ago
JJ 5 days ago
hof menace
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Lil_brohammad 5 days ago
Now I can’t unsee Dwyane Wade also trying to distract Morris
Filora Sewell
Filora Sewell 3 days ago
@Karl Beast lol quit deleting ur comments
skip bayless
skip bayless 5 days ago
@Karl Beast celtics are first round exit 🤣
Ba Doai
Ba Doai 5 days ago
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 5 days ago
@Karl Beast that’s why no one bought your bum ass book.
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Wade not top 100 in my book
Nike is a Greek Goddess
daaaamn fool
Rajbala Devi
Rajbala Devi 5 days ago
That shot was not going in LMAO
Willem Dafuck?
Willem Dafuck? 4 days ago
@Karl Beast Cry
Adi 5 days ago
@Karl Beast where's boston now
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
UTRASH RACIST FACTS: ☑️ Poverty team ☑️ No rings 💩 ☑️ No star player wants to join that team 😹😹😹 ☑️ Mitchoke and the team blew a 3-1 lead 🤮🤡😭 ☑️ Racist 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Kawaii Potatoes
Kawaii Potatoes 5 days ago
shaq is crying
marc lester sanchez
That Ingles defense was so underrated. Id rather see Morris take the last shot than Kawhi
Outcast Vero
Outcast Vero 4 days ago
@Karl Beast Celtics got killed in 5
Adam Merrill
Adam Merrill 4 days ago
That's Joe for ya. Just does his job, even without the recognition.
marc lester sanchez
@german aguilar lol 😁 not a clips fan u must be crazy bruh 😂😂😂
German Aguilar
German Aguilar 5 days ago
You must be crazy if you prefer Morris over Kawaii to take a game winning shot. Do you even watch basketball?
Eat 5 days ago
@Karl Beast anyone who has the slightest amount of knowledge about NBA would know that leaderboard doesn’t mean shit
RymAce 5 days ago
Kawhi expecting to get the ball back lol
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 5 days ago
Kovid Leonard 🗑️🗑️🗑️
Gary Li
Gary Li 5 days ago
Its not nearly as impressive when its morris that gobert blocked, instead of kawhi or pg. chances are morris would have missed anyway. Also, I dont know why Kawhi passed to morris in the corner with gobert watching like a hawk. a) he had 7 seconds when he caught the pass from PG. he couldnt get a three off over a maths professor inside 7 seconds? b) he had a much better shooter than morris in PG semi open at 4 seconds. why not pass to PG? kawhi absolutely panicked there. Luka makes the shot. It's a travesty that this clips team is the one that advanced.
1 3
1 3 4 days ago
@Gary Li Oh ok, I understand.
Gary Li
Gary Li 4 days ago
@1 3 dont worry, i was just leaning into the "he doesnt look like a basketball player" bit.
1 3
1 3 5 days ago
@Gary Li I agree with what your saying I'm just trying to make sure you know that Ingles has good defense and isn't just a "math professor"
Gary Li
Gary Li 5 days ago
@1 3 i dont care how good a defender ingles is. if you're finals mvp, top 5 player in the league, clutch killer kawhi, you should be able to get a shot off over anyone in 7 seconds. this guy hit the 4 bounce game winner over embiid after evading simmons in the 2019 east semis and now hes passing to marcus morris in the corner? what?
1 3
1 3 5 days ago
Ingles was locking up Kawhi that's why.
So you see
So you see 5 days ago
That’s why he got mvp votes
Bence WSAFY 4 days ago
@prince Rak people like u don't deserve respect,I'll tell your mom later😁
Bence WSAFY 4 days ago
@prince Rak lmao🤣 I see your tears HAHAHAHA,what a loser.
prince Rak
prince Rak 5 days ago
@Bence WSAFY I'm not feminine like you so don't talk about anybody crying little boy
Bence WSAFY 5 days ago
@prince Rak 😭😆
Bence WSAFY 5 days ago
@prince Rak don't cry
see you soon
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