Donovan Mitchell Erupts for 45 PTS in the Game 1 Win! 🕷 

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Jun 8, 2021




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Julius Rizo Bonilla
Oh my Godness!!! Who is that young. Player from Utah? Oh his name is Donovan Mitchell, he smashed with his team to the Duo " More defensive' KLeonard and Paul George. This boy is abusive, literally destroyed to the clippers. I would like at the Final vs Nets (kd, Kyrie and Harden)
GEN K Day ago
Dame to utah?
Genesis Tayanes
45 pts for #45
NBA Lover
NBA Lover Day ago
The only people that disliked are the Clippers
Xavier T
Xavier T 3 days ago
Clips have a problem, unlike the Mavs, the Jazz actually have contender worthy roleplayers to help Mitchell even more. My hat goes off to Reggie Jackson tonight tho. And Rudy with 20 boards is just ridiculous.
Just AnotherDay
Just AnotherDay 3 days ago
only 6 foot, respekt!!!!!!
Proverbs 16:7 When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
Er1o 3 days ago
I’m a jazz fan but don’t let this distract you from the fact that it’s still #fuckkarlmalone
unkind admiral
unkind admiral 3 days ago
Wayne Verhoff
Wayne Verhoff 4 days ago
He's gonna get more efficient as his career goes as long as he has a good PG next to him. He knows how to play within the flow of the game. Like MJ, Lebron, KD. Really great efficient scorers. Some thing that Dame and Harden and Kobe never learned which is why they would have off nights more regularly and overall be more inefficient or even tired near the end of the game.
KReal Vevo
KReal Vevo 4 days ago
I'm ready for a Jazz v Suns WCF
Gerard Jean-Leger
Top 15 in the league
Slim Brady
Slim Brady 4 days ago
This dude better then all y’all favorite nba player
Keep doing you baby boy, We are very proud of you here in Louisville and bring Utah a Championship 🕷 🕸 🕷
alfred borden
alfred borden 4 days ago
The demonic basement pivotally open because relative early smile across a general gentle option. homely, gabby scorpion
Inglês com Fé
Inglês com Fé 4 days ago
I can´t believe so many people think Tatum is better than him. Donovan Mitchell has been playing like a superstar in the playoffs since his rookie season, and somehow still underrated.
mrkev 0118
mrkev 0118 4 days ago
Wtf are you doin Clippers? Mitchell always drives right, they should have covered that lane, make him go left,
Kapri Rush
Kapri Rush 4 days ago
Donovan Mitchell size and strength plays a lot in his game.
Marcus Wallace
Marcus Wallace 4 days ago
Baller. Didn't Utah have the best record part of the year? Usually best player on the team with the best record gets some MVP consideration. He played like he wanted to prove he deserves to be in the conversation.
410NKB YT 4 days ago
45 for number 45
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss 4 days ago
The Future of the NBA 😎
Jay Theboss
Jay Theboss 4 days ago
Superstar 😎
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd
He was given the script for the answers. He realized tried the hide it then brought back in the front camera closed in to cover it tgen Mitchell was like yea yea yea I am listening
Domenico Meschino DPS MEd
Superstar ...unbeleivable quickness and power in crossovers and sudden launches
John Jerry
John Jerry 4 days ago
Gene C
Gene C 4 days ago
Lillard/Wade Hybrid
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 4 days ago
Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados...
IsoGang7 4 days ago
Spida a monster
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 4 days ago
dudes only 6 ft 1 too
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman 4 days ago
Jazz crowd is pumped up.
Mimik Pesimo
Mimik Pesimo 4 days ago
It was primarily Jordan Clarkson's 3 consecutive 3's who saved Jazz from the brink of losing. If not of him, Clippers could have been ahead by 30 points at the half. Clarkson stopped the 21 consecutive misses of Utah and made the difference to just 13pts. Hence, the morale of Jazz could not be saved even by the eagerness of Mitchell later if not of the action of Clarkson earlier. Though, it was a great job for Mitchell.
Ace Truth
Ace Truth 4 days ago
Killa 💯💪🔥
Owen Lewis
Owen Lewis 4 days ago
This is Gilbert Arenas 2.0
Jay Dubb
Jay Dubb 4 days ago
3:09 he said “ 45 ?! .. weeew 😅 “
Jonathan Scher
Jonathan Scher 4 days ago
Nearly every shot was contested, my god
Square up!
Square up! 4 days ago
45 for 45
Losers Pros
Losers Pros 4 days ago
What u gotta say now SHAQ
AGE 4 days ago
Slight potential of ‘06 playoffs D-Wade... Big-ups to Don.
Dame Butler
Dame Butler 4 days ago
D-Wade esque performance by Donavan Mitchell!!!
yau466 4 days ago
D wade 2.0
?????? 2 days ago
Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters 4 days ago
Cronk voice: “oh yea, it’s all coming together “
Sajeran Shan
Sajeran Shan 5 days ago
I love this game!
Rah Hundo
Rah Hundo 5 days ago
Ever since lebron picked Donovan Mitchell last ina all star game he’s been hungry
Arnav Dalal
Arnav Dalal 5 days ago
In my opinion DON is the future of the NBA. He is a real hooper
james diluca
james diluca 5 days ago
Vincent Bryant
Vincent Bryant 5 days ago
Superstar status
PuffDoe 5 days ago
Donovan or luka 👀👀
Brett James
Brett James 5 days ago
Love my jazz😍
Carlito curry
Carlito curry 5 days ago
In 10 years we gonna be debating who is a better SG Dbook vs Mitchell
Malik 5 days ago
Omfg this dude here
Jimbo Slice
Jimbo Slice 5 days ago
Put some F'n respect on D Mitchell's name!!!
So you see
So you see 5 days ago
A future fmvp if Utah ever reach the finals again
kshitij bhatt 11 science
Shaq called out the wrong man
Nate Gomes
Nate Gomes 5 days ago
Wow Karl’s in trouble.
Markens Marketing Tips
Paul George thought 1:45 was a bad shot that why he didn’t try to defend it lol
Alex Houser
Alex Houser 4 days ago
this the best comment😂
RD2A 5 days ago
I am now a Donovan Mitchell fan
Ryan Simons
Ryan Simons 4 days ago
Welcome, it's a fun club to be in.
Michael 5 days ago
This is what superstars do❗when there team begins to struggle and needs pts.... They take over❗
Eriverto Gonsalez
Gikland G
Gikland G 5 days ago
Damn he dropped his number
Joy Vee
Joy Vee 5 days ago
SPIDAMITCHELL a real blooded superstar! Jazz in 4
Therret 5 days ago
Baby Wade
Ade Ayodele
Ade Ayodele 5 days ago
Let's see if he can sustain this. Luka got tired last series against the Clippers
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立
uslift.info/one/lY-onbierqyhuYI/video.html Good
TheMrBig8 5 days ago
Most underrated star in the league. Picked last in all star draft two years ina row. Never given any all nba nods despite improving every year. Having the best record in the league. All anyone does is ride Tatum
Smiling Amateur Productions
I agree 100% but woah woah Tatum deserves his credit too
luis tello
luis tello 4 days ago
Arnell Smith
Arnell Smith 5 days ago
This the same nigga that dropped 57 last year and niggas thought this team was trash?😭😭
Sheila May Sabas
Sheila May Sabas 5 days ago
Go Utah Jazz for Finals 😊😊😊
Fahad A
Fahad A 5 days ago
NBA still uploading in 720p
Jr Smith✔️
Jr Smith✔️ 5 days ago
Kind of reminds me of slightly shorter D-Wade, great underrated combo guards
Ghost Flossy
Ghost Flossy 5 days ago
Mitchell , The guy that was suppose to be in mvp race instead of curry lol
Kendrick LaGOAT
Kendrick LaGOAT 4 days ago
@Alex Houser because he had essentially the same numbers as his unanimous mvp season. the Warriors are a G League team without him. Getting them to the 8th seed is an achievement in itself. I cannot believe I have to explain this.
Alex Houser
Alex Houser 4 days ago
@Kendrick LaGOAT he not wrong tho how does someone with a team in the play in make a top 3 mvp candidate?
Kendrick LaGOAT
Kendrick LaGOAT 5 days ago
i love how yall are compelled to bring Steph into everything lmaoo
hakim solana
hakim solana 5 days ago
Wade always take care of this young guy Mitchell, he has a lot of talent and future here in the worlds greatest, NBA!
Burco Presents
Burco Presents 5 days ago
Spida has the combination of DWade’s athleticism and the jump shot of Dame.
Jordan Cheesebourough
@RealTalk ! AI would be even better Kuz the style of play and hav way more spacing
Jordan Cheesebourough
@RealTalk ! u gotta think in today’s game bruh
EJ Magistrado
EJ Magistrado 4 days ago
@RealTalk ! that's why i said he's like iverson but kinda more efficient
Joshua Curry
Joshua Curry 4 days ago
@EJ Magistrado iverson pretty much did all he could for his size which what he did was incredible so yeah
Joshua Curry
Joshua Curry 4 days ago
@EJ Magistrado to be fair iverson was having to shoot over almost everyone being taller then him curry a lot taller then iverson
ASMR millibar
ASMR millibar 5 days ago
most underrated team and star in the league tbh
Gbone 5 days ago
Why was this man not in the MVP race
D' rango
D' rango 5 days ago
he got injured
dillcifer 5 days ago
How cool that Mitchell has DWade as this mentor now. The one star he plays most like. Could not be any one better sitting on that redrock sideline.
The Corndog Hero
The Corndog Hero 4 days ago
D Wade just came to torment Rondo from the stands
Michael Tonez
Michael Tonez 4 days ago
Hopefully he stays healthy. Wade's a future HOF but as a fan he couldn't stay healthy. If spida stays healthy his ceiling may be even higher cause he's already a better shooter than wade was.
Elongated Muskrat
@Plax huh
Plax 5 days ago
Plays like MJ
Amari Taylor
Amari Taylor 5 days ago
Donovan Mitchell had a great night
The Goat
The Goat 5 days ago
Superstar period
dillcifer 5 days ago
MILES THE GOAT 5 days ago
He is so disrespected🤦🏽‍♂️
Atqmic 5 days ago
Legend in the making
Omi17 4 days ago
No question!
SA 5 days ago
🕷on 🔥 tonite
Angelo Bernal
Angelo Bernal 5 days ago
Keep good play donovan mitchel
Morale 5 days ago
F K 5 days ago
The Atlantis Expert
Donovan Mitchell is better at what he does than anyone else. Nobody moves like him on the court. Nobody.
Eggo Slayer
Eggo Slayer 5 days ago
I never hear people talk about how disgusting his step backs and crossovers are. Seriously absurd handles.
ale salford
ale salford Day ago
look at 1:12. That is seriously smooth
Elann Chaisaklert
@Jea25964 Adkind He's more skilled than Dwade. But Dwade was a beast.
Elann Chaisaklert
I never hear people talk about how exceptional his balance is. Incredible balance.
Jea25964 Adkind
Jea25964 Adkind 3 days ago
He looks like Wade. Even crazier. He looks like Jordan.
Eggo Slayer
Eggo Slayer 4 days ago
@Dihan Mustakeem Yeah his spin move is nuts. Another thing I usually don't hear about him is how STRONG he is. Like look at 0:20 he just goes right through Reggie Jackson as if he isn't there. He's built like a truck and just moves people right out of the way with no effort. There's very few people that can match his speed and strength and when he wants to get to the rim he's getting there.
星野航平 5 days ago
It's very cool!!!!
Hacimdoowlla 5 days ago
his game looks so much like dwade...love to see it
RJ Insigne
RJ Insigne 5 days ago
Spida-Mitchell went dark symbiote 🕷🔥
Ricky Dornberger
Ricky Dornberger 5 days ago
This was the first time the roar of the crowd felt like it was actually a playoff game in forever.
LostGetFound 4 days ago
They were close to full capacity that’s why
Spicyyy YT
Spicyyy YT 5 days ago
Facts it would be sad if there were still no more fans
Lee 5 days ago
Fr it’s crazy how much energy the crowd brings to the game; it just wouldn’t be the same without it
Anson Call
Anson Call 5 days ago
1:10 Jackson fell asleep on the bus and missed his stop
Statistics 5 days ago
TQ BP 5 days ago
Where are all the people at saying he wasn't on Luka's level?
TQ BP 4 days ago
@F K you have to be kidding me his playing ability. Has him winless sitting at home in the playoffs…….Donovan has already proven he can win big games in the playoffs and take out a trio of stars as a rookie……
F K 5 days ago
He isnt because he doesnt have the playmaking
owen daboss
owen daboss 5 days ago
45 drops 45
Gilfort Merien
Gilfort Merien 5 days ago
2 calls. But i still sitting here and ask why?
LeBeautiful 5 days ago
Spida Mitchell ain't slowing down anytime soon.
Kanji 5 days ago
the next d wade
Utterly Idiotic
Utterly Idiotic 5 days ago
Jojo Juju
Jojo Juju 5 days ago
Super mitchell....mvp.....
Edmar Jason Lorzano
JJ Walker where you at ? How is Cancun ?
Arnell Smith
Arnell Smith 5 days ago
@Urbain Delva some guy that pretends to be a “super bronsexual” so he can make people hate Lebron💀
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva 5 days ago
Who's that?
DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
Donovan Mitchell: 45pts, 3reb, 5ast 53%Fg 16-30
Damien C
Damien C 17 hours ago
@Curry Is Not The 2021 Mvp He Just Trash you speaking nothin but the truth🤯
Curry Is Not The 2021 Mvp He Just Trash
Hes Better Then Lurry Lurry did Not win mvp LEts go😂😂😂
ArrrJayy 5 days ago